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Blocks New

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Wood Ergonomic

Bovi-Bond_HoofBlockRubber Blocks New

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Rubber Ergonomic

Blocks New

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Bio

Vettec-ThermoboxIgloo-210cc Accessories New

Vettec Thermobox Igloo

For the ideal processing temperature of cartridges
Vettec-EquiPak-210cc Adhesive

Equi-Pak™ 210cc

Soft & supportive ready-to-use padding material.

Sil Pak Soft 210cc

Soft shock absorption and protection of the hoof
Vettec-EquiThaneSuperfast-210cc Adhesive

Equi-Thane Superfast™ 210cc

Suitable for gluing and hoof repairs
Vettec-EquiThaneAdhereBlack-210cc Adhesive

Equi-Thane Adhere Black™ 210cc

Adhesive for bonding horseshoes and hoof repair.
Vettec-EquiPakSoft-210cc Adhesive

Equi-Pak Soft™ 210cc

Soft ready-to-use padding material for under soles
Vettec-Sil Pak-210cc Adhesive

Sil Pak™ 210cc

Soften and protect the hoof
Vettec-EquiPakCS-210cc Adhesive

Equi-Pak CS™ 210cc

Soft & supportive padding in case of thrush.
Vettec-SoleGuard-210cc Adhesive

Sole-Guard™ 210cc

Designed to protect and support the unshod hoof.
Bovi-Bond_BlockAdhesive-210cc Adhesive

Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive™ 210cc

Designed to relieve lameness in cows

Vettec Flex Hoof Wrap Orange

The flexible hoof bandage for good protection
Pour-in Pad

Vettec Super Mesh Pads

The antibacterial mesh pad
Vettec-MixingTips-210cc Accessories

Vettec Mixing Tips

Precise mixing for optimum performance
Vettec-DualSpeedDispenser-210cc Tools

Vettec Dual Speed Dispenser 210cc

The two-speed dispensing gun

Bovi-Bond Claw Check

For perfection in claw form and function
Bovi-Bond-Hoof-Knife-Double-Edge Hoofknives

Bovi-Bond Hoof Knife Double Edge


Bovi-Bond Hoof Knife Narrow

Bovi-Bond-Hoof-Knife-Narrow-Curved Hoofknives

Bovi-Bond Hoof Knive Narrow Curved

Vettec-EquiMesh-Sheets Pour-in Pad

Vettec Equi Mesh Sheets

Support Mesh for packing material
Diamond Foam Boards Orange Hoofknives

Diamond Foam Boards Orange

Adhesive Foam Boards
Diamond-DispenserGunDouble-210cc Tools

Diamond Dispenser Gun Double 210cc

XL Dispenser for 210cc cartridges.
Bovi-Bond_Hoof-Block-RubberThin_12 cm Blocks

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Rubber Thin

Bovi-Bond_HoofBlockWoodWedge Blocks

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Wood Wedge

Bovi-Bond_HoofBlockPolyurethane_Thin Blocks

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Polyurethane Thin

Bovi-Bond_HoofBlockPolyurethane Blocks

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Polyurethane