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Sil Pak Soft 210cc

Vettec Sil-Pak SOFT is a non-adhesive, skin-safe silicone material applied under a pad to seal, protect and support the horse's foot. It completely fills and seals all hollow spaces and prevents migration of dirt. Like the regular Sil-Pak, the material provides superior cushioning and comfort, but has a shore hardness of 15 instead of 35. Ideal for healthy horses that need softer protection due to thin soles or rough terrain. Sil-Pak Soft applications are weight-bearing in 2 minutes. Thanks to the auto-mix cartridge system, the distribution of material is gradual and consistent. These are the same cartridges as the rest of the Vettec line and require the same 210 tips. Ideal in combination with the Vettec Dual Speed Dispenser to apply the material very efficiently.

  • 15 shore hardness
  • use under sole
  • shock absorbing, protective, supportive
  • weight-bearing in 2 minutes
  • liquid cushioning material