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Equi-Pak CS™ 210cc

Equi-Pak CS is ideally suited for the prevention and treatment of thrush and provides protection and support to the hoof and bone structure. Equi-Pak CS locks out moisture and dirt, eliminating the occurrence of thrush and the need for daily hoof cleaning.

  • Color: Green
  • Set time: 1min.
  • Hardness: 55 shore
  • Effectively treats most cases of thrush
  • Uniform support allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth



  • Vettec products are best used between 65° and 85° F (18° to 29° C). Temperature will affect the set time.
    See Cold & Hot Conditions below.
  • Areas of wetness or bleeding should not be covered. Once healed, commence using products.
  • Equi-Pak|CS™ can be applied with the shoe on or off, but will bond to the shoe. A coating of oil or petroleum jelly to the top of shoe will prevent this from occurring. Take care not to get any on the area of the hoof being repaired. 
  • Product may not bond to hooves that have been heavily treated with products containing: oils, grease, pine tar, etc. In these instances a light denatured alcohol scrub and drying should be performed to ensure adhesion.
  • The following procedures are best-accomplished wearing latex or rubber gloves.
  • Do not burn or “Hot Shoe” this product. 
  • Use only Vettec mixing tips.


  • Failure to keep the hooves, shoes, and product warm will dramatically slow the cure time. Example: At 32° F the cure time advances to 2-3 minutes.
  • Do not microwave the cartridge or place it in water. Store the cartridges in an insulated “cooler” warmed with microwavable heat pads or 1 to 2 tightly capped gallon jugs filled with hot water.
  • In freezing temperatures, 32° F or less, the shoes must be warmed to keep condensation from forming on them and preventing the bond.


  • Product will set very quickly. To slow the set time, if needed store the material in an insulated cooler with 1 or 2 freezer packs.
  • NOTE: During hot weather conditions, product may cure at a higher temperature. If applying close to sensitive tissue, product may be applied in layers to reduce heat.


  1. Open the cartridge. Insert cartridge into dispensing gun.
  2. Before attaching the mixing tip, equalize the cartridge by squeezing out a small amount to ensure that both sides are dispensing evenly.
  3. Attach mix tip by pressing tip on to open cartridge. Secure locking collar over the top of the attached mix tip.
  4. When finished, do not release the pressure with the lever on the back of the dispenser. Remove the mixing tip immediately, discard and apply the cap. Secure the locking collar over the cap to store. The pressure can now be released.
  5. For additional applications, re-equalize the cartridge and attach a new tip.


  1. Trim and balance the hoof and conservatively pare the sole. Remove any weak or soft material that will exfoliate in the next 2-3 weeks, especially at the white line area.
  2. Using a hoof knife trim and clean the frog, bars and commissures. Remove all loose sole and dirt with a wire brush. Remove all bacteria and necrotic tissue. Do not cover any areas that are wet or bleeding
  3. Pay special attention to the bars. The bars should not be lying over onto the sole as this could cause a pressure point. If the bars are lying down, trim them back to proper position.
  4. NOTE: Only if hoof is oily, wipe the affected areas with a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol being careful not to saturate the hoof. Do not use acetone!
  5. Have all materials ready before proceeding to the next step.
  6. Holding sole upward dry hoof thoroughly using a heat gun for 30-45 seconds. Do not overheat. Keep heat source approximately 6 inches away from sole. NOTE: All hooves contain natural moisture and must be dried exactly in the manner described above. This step is critical for the product to achieve the appropriate bond to the sole.


  1. If open at heels: Place mixing tip under the pad towards the toe and dispense the material withdrawing the tip as you fill and fill to the back of the pad.
  2. If there is no access: Pre-drill a 5/16 inch hole in the pad near the apex of the frog and nail into position under the shoe. Place mixing tip against the hole and dispense until filled to the back of the pad. Cover the hole with a small piece of duct tape.
  3. Once set, in approximately 60 seconds, release the hoof. Replace mixing tip and repeat process as necessary.
  4. Trim any excess material.


  1. Dry the sole and frog thoroughly with a heat gun or hair dryer.
  2. Cut a piece of Equi-Mesh (REF #46030) to the outline of the shoe and place between the hoof and shoe, putting the curved side toward the sole.
  3. Nail the shoe into position. If the sole is flat, seating out the shoe is advised.
  4. With the frog turned upward, apply Equi-Pak|CS underneath the web of the shoe and fill in the sole until the desired level is achieved. This is usually to the top of the shoe. NOTE: For added support, load to ground level using a Foam Board (REF #46015).
  5. Hold the hoof until the Equi-Pak|CS sets, approximately 45-60 seconds, then release.
  6. Trim any excess material.


  1. Applied like Equi-Pak, Equi-Pak|CS, infused with copper sulfate, can be used on most cases of thrush and during the wet seasons to prevent thrush.
  2. Providing a complete seal, Equi-Pak|CS eliminates the need to pick out the feet and medicate on a daily basis. EPCS is extremely durable and adheres to the sole.
  3. Normal hoof after 6 weeks and 1st treatment of Equi-Pak|CS. Note firm, dry frog area.
  4. Same hoof after trim.  Note apparent elimination of thrush in commissures and cleft of frog.  

For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Click to download Equi-Pak CS™ 210cc product sheet:

Vettec productsheet

"Just a quick thanks for making wonderful products! We live in No. California on a ranch. A lot of this area is laden with rock, mostly volcanic. Working a horse on this type of ground can make them very foot sore. Using traditional pads was ok, but the cavity tended to pack full of debris & cause problems. Using a silicone material to fill the cavity didn't work any better. We started searching for a solution. I had used your products on a barefoot horse that had foundered & I was rehabbing before I moved to this location and really liked them. So I suggested we try the Equi-Pak. While it did help some, the lava rock literally chewed it out of the hoof. I suggested the Sole Guard and HALLELUJAH we have a winner! After shoeing, we cleaned the foot with denatured alcohol & let dry thoroughly. Then we applied the Equi-Pak CS to the frog areas and then filled to the shoe with Sole Guard. Held it up for a minute, applied a foam board & let stand for 5 minutes. This combination has kept out water (we ride through creeks / rivers / irrigated meadows/muck/mud) and stayed in for 8 weeks! Thanks Vettec for a product that works & lasts in really rough country & keeps our horses sound!"
- Karyn S
"I have used your products in several episodes of Animal Cops Houston. I used Super Fast on a mini, and I used Equi-Pak|CS on several sore horses... I've been using your products since they came out. I once showed a 2200lb Percheron at the Oklahoma State Fair with all 4 shoes glued on!... You guys have a great product! Keep up the good work!"
- Steve Wisnieski, Houston, TX
 "I have to thank you! Equi-Pak has transformed my horses’ feet!! He has gone from a flat footed, broken back angled very sad looking horse to almost normal shaped hooves. He now has heels!!! We took the most recent pack out of his back feet and the cleft of frog is now noticeably deeper, his feet are symmetrical and his frogs are at the right level – they had prolapsed to below the level of his shoe. Now the rasp does not come into contact with it if you lay it over the heels. We now use the frog fill technique to keep the support on the frog, his soles have improved so much as have the hoof walls. Every time my farrier comes to do his feet she can’t believe the improvement from one shoeing to the next! You can also see how the angle has improved by the new growth of the hoof, his very obvious bull nose is almost gone completely and his usual medial flares are so minor compared to what they were like before. We are religious about doing his feet every 5 weeks – or less if I have a show on or there is a weekend in the way – I would rather do them early than late! I am going to send you my photos when I put them into sequence – we have taken photos at every shoeing!"
- Tamsin
"Just wanted to say what a huge difference Vettec and Lynne Myers along with Joe Most have made to our foundered mare. She has been uncomfortable for many years! However, when Joe and Lynne came to do a workshop at my home, she became a new horse. They took one look at her and said "Yes, we can help her." She came out of the stall very slowly and painfully. Joe went to work and was very patient with her as she was too sore to stand for any length of time. With the use of Super Fast, Sole Guard and Equi-Pack CS, Joe was able to create 2 "new" hooves on her front end. The process was fascinating to watch! Joe took her toes down and with these 3 products he created what looks like a new sound hoof. With these great products from Vettec our mare is now much more comfortable and will continue to improve with the help of Joe and Lynne. When Joe finished with her, she was led back to the barn and guess what!!! She went back in a voluntary trot!! Yes she did!! And when the halter came off she trotted again and gave a nice little buck and a whinny!!! Have not seen that mare trot or anything for years. What an amazing transformation!! Our mare, Jewels, and I are grateful to Lynne Myers with her knowledge of these fantastic products as well as Joe Most and his knowledge and compassion for all horses. Lynne is not only full of info about these products, she gets right in there and shows you how to use them. Your horse does not have to be lame forever. Get in touch with Lynne and let her show you what products to use and how to apply them. Thanks again and look forward to seeing both Lynne and Joe the end of July to continue working with Jewels."
- Jenifer Ravenel
"Howdy! Wanted to let you know how much I love your products and attribute it to my stallions successes in multi-day 50mile endurance rides. DB Air Alamahn finished 3rd in the AERC Jim Jones stallion award, 8th lightweight west region and reserve CSHA lightweight champion in 2012. He has over 1800 competition miles! DB Air Alamahn & DB BEY BARZ are both currently ranked 2nd this year in the Jim Jones award with 500 mile each and the season has just started! All these rides we completed with Equi-pak CS and I also use your other products in my everyday farrier work. These two stallions just finished one of the rockiest rides this past weekend, the Whiskey Town Chaser. They did 100miles in two days, many horses pulled for lameness and we trotted over the rocks! Here's a couple pictures of how it held up through creeks, rocks and rambunctious stallions!! Thank you for making such a wonderful products to keep our equines healthy and sound :)"
- April Moore
"Timmy is a 20 something warmblood gelding. Around the first of May he was diagnosed with a mild case of laminitis. Farrier John Turner decided on a conservative shoeing protocol that included Vettec Equi-Pak CS pours in both front feet. Timmy did okay for about 4 weeks and had a relapse with x-rays showing founder in both front feet. John wanted to make Timmy more comfortable and contacted me about using Vettec SuperFast on the bottom of the hospital plate. It was a success. Timmy not only became immediately more comfortable and stopped shifting his weight, John called and told me he turned and moved so easily it amazed him. I had a chance to see Timmy last week and he is doing well. He continues to move and turn comfortably with the EquiPak and SuperFast application. I will have another update in a few weeks. Great job John and thanks for your faith in Vettec products! These are the types of stories we love to hear. :)"
- Lynne Myers
What is Equi-Pak|CS?

Equi-Pak|CS is our popular Equi-Pak infused with Copper Sulfate used in the treatment of thrush.
Click here for product introduction video.

When should I use Equi-Pak|CS?

Equi-Pak|CS can be used on most cases of thrush and at the white line where you have stretching and bacteria present.

Does it set differently than the regular Equi-Pak?

Equi-Pak|CS takes a bit longer to set, 45-60 seconds. As always, temperature plays a part in set times.  The material will set faster in hotter climates and take longer when it is cold. Please refer to the application directions for hot and cold weather suggestions.

When should I not use Equi-Pak|CS?

Do not cover up thrush cases where you have any bleeding or there is the presence of white necrotic tissue.

How do I prepare the sole for application of Equi-Pak|CS?

Sole and frog prep should be the same as usual. Trim and conservatively pare out the sole. Remove any thrush and bacteria areas with hoof knife and conservatively trim the frog to remove any thrush.  For working horses, the use of Vettec Mesh with the shoe is recommended.

Should I dry the foot before application of Equi-Pak|CS?

Absolutely, you should always dry the foot before application of either the regular Equi-Pak or the new Equi-Pak|CS.

Does Equi-Pak|CS provide the same support as the regular EP?

Equi-Pak|CS sets up a bit softer than the regular Equi-Pak but will provide support for thin soled, sensitive feet.