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Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Rubber Ergonomic

Improved bonding, traction and comfort These innovative claw blocks set a new standard in the market thanks to their unique claw shape and design. The blocks are designed with four embedded anchoring points so that the gluing of the block to the claw becomes a mechanical bond. In addition, the positioning points on the block allow for proper glue distribution between the claw and the block. The Bovi-Bond Rubber Claw Block is made of 100% rubber composite, making it soft and flexible. The cow thus experiences optimum comfort in movement. The profile on the blocks provides very good grip for the cow on wet and slippery surfaces. The solid outer edge enhances the block's wear resistance and even wear. Due to its design and material, the block is slightly lighter than the traditional rubber block. Perfect in combination with the Bovi-Bond Adhesive. Did you know this block is the first model entirely designed and manufactured by Bovi-Bond? Developed with the vision of always providing the best solutions for both the cow and the hoof trimmer.

  • Ergonomically shaped to the bovine claw
  • 4 integrated anchoring points for gluing
  • Positioning points for optimum glue distribution between the block and the claw
  • Firm outer edge for wear resistance and even wear of the block
  • Ease of movement through cushioning and flexibility of the block when walking