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Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive™ 210cc

Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive 210 cc is the fast-setting polyurethane adhesive used to glue hoof blocks to the healthy claw of the animal, in order to heal the injured claw. The original two-component adhesive is famous for improving animal health, while saving your time and money. The chemistry of Bovi-Bond has proven to be the most reliable and consistent in the industry. Unlike the most adhesives where you need a separate products for each season, Bovi-Bond works excellent in every weather condition. Whether rubber, wood or polyurethane, Bovi-Bond is perfectly compatible with any kind of hoof block.

  • Color: Clear
  • Set time: 30 seconds
  • Compatible with standard 200/210cc applicators
  • Robust cartridge and lock-in key mix tip for more consistent results

Click to download Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive™ 210cc product sheet:

Vettec productsheet

"I use Bovi-Bond because I genuinely believe it is the best Adhesive on the market. The company has always stood by the product and work hard to make it right when things go wrong. Now the new 210cc cartridge gives you have the best glue in the best delivery system on the market. The 210cc cartridge fits the standard dispensing gun and uses the standard green tips that are used by most of the other adhesives."
- Aaron LaVoy
"This letter is to inform you regarding the new Bovi Bond glue and 2100cc cartridge and dispensing gun is a big hit with myself as a professional hoof trimmer. Time is money so I save time with this new system and I also get a more consistent application of the glue on the blocks I choose to use. This glue works extremely well with both wood, rubber and plastic blocks. This system allows me to get a more even amount of glue on the block much quicker which generates improves my block retention rates for my clients. The set time is quite good and the cure time before I let the leg with the block down is within my company protocols. Very pleased to have access to this quality product. Sincerely Vic Daniel Proprietor Vic’s Custom Clips Quality Hoof Care est. 1984"
- Arva, Ontario Canada