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Bovi-Bond Claw Check

The Vettec Claw Check is designed to give claw trimmers, dairy farmers and vets an objective measurement tool during claw trimming. The tool addresses 5 essential components during functional trimming of the bovine claw. It allows to consciously achieve a proper hoof angle and balance during work. The claw check has a practivcal and strong design. The handle makes it easy to place the tool on and along the claw. Thereby, the dimensions and degrees are embedded on the tool, allowing you to perform checks very quickly. The thickness of the tool is also a perfect reference for sole thickness. The parameters on the Claw Check: - Check point for the angle between the sole and the anterior claw wall - Measuring point for the length from the crown to toe - Level check of the inside and outside claw - Checking the contact surface of the sole with the ground - Verification of the shape of the sole

  • Control point angle (up to 49°) between sole and anterior claw wall
  • Measuring point for length between crown and toe
  • Level check inside and outside claw
  • Handle for work comfort
  • Check contact surface of sole with ground