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Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Bio

This biodegradable claw block is designed to provide cow comfort and improve mobility. Offering sustainable support during the healing process, the claw block is made of 100% biodegradable material. The degradation rate of the block is influenced by several factors, including mechanical pressure, environmental heat and the thoughtful design of the block. An exact degradation rate is therefore not fixed. On the other hand, the material does guarantee that the product is not only effective for hoof repair, but also has a positive impact on the environment. When applied properly, the claw block can reduce pressure on the injured part of the hoof and thus stimulate healing. An effective and good way to treat lameness and hoof diseases. These bio claw blocks work excellently in combination with Bovi-Bond adhesive.

  • Symmetrical shape
  • Made of biodegradable material
  • Protection for wet and and slippery surfaces
  • Available in 11cm and 13cm
  • Ideally suited when treating light claw conditions