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Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Wood Pine

Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Pine Wood offers support and protection to the injured hoof of the bovine animals. When applied correctly, the hoof block reduces pressure of the injured part of the hoof, so that it can heal. This is the best way to treat cattle lameness and hoof care diseases. Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Pine Wood works great in combination with Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive. The block is made out of soft wood, which makes it easy to adjust the shape and size with a grinder. It provides protection for cow’s claws at a lower cost. Wood reacts well to bonding adhesives due to its rough surface and lasts from three-to-four weeks. The blocks eventually fall off claws naturally, eliminating the need for hoof trimmers to go back to each cow to remove them. Available size: 13 cm

  • Relieves the injured hoof and supports the healing process
  • Protection and comfort for cows
  • Easy to adjust the shape and size with a grinder
  • Universal hoof block made out of soft wood
  • Quick and easy to glue on cow’s hoof and applicable with Bovi-Bond adhesive