September 13, 2016

When Strong is More Important than Pretty

Everyone wants their work to look good, but when it comes to adhesives, pretty sometimes comes at the expense of strength; thicker is definitely stronger, especially when gluing to compromised feet.  The Easy Shoes shown here can be glued on the bottom surface along with the side flanges, or just glued on with the side flanges alone.  We like to add an adhesive toe clip and cover a bit of the shoe at the toe just to keep a toe stabber from loosening the bond.  Note the Adhere is left thick along the top edge of the flange for added strength when the foot will be exposed to irrigated pasture or a generally wetter environment.  We’ll leave these on for just 30 days, then redo it.  The addition of the Equi-Pak CS helps knock down thrush and keep debris from packing in under the shoe.