June 17, 2014

What does Vettec recommend for Seedy Toe and Hoof Wall Cracks?

Serious cases of seedy toe can lead to compromised hoof wall integrity.  The seedy toe can allow dirt and debris to pack up between the wall and the lamina causing irritation and issues.  At Vettec, when we hear about cases like this, the first thing we recommend doing is having a qualified farrier and a vet out to give the horse a trim and to find out what all is going on with the foot.  

If seedy toe turns out to be the issue, resecting the hoof wall in the affected area will allow a farrier to remove any impacted debris and will expose the affected area to oxygen. Opening this area up and getting the oxygen exposure will allow the hoof wall to grown down in a normal fashion.  

Again, before doing anything, we always recommend that a vet and a farrier sees the horse first. 


This recent 2MT video deals with toe cracks and how to treat them over time. Enjoy!