March 10, 2012

Vettec Super Fast Lateral Extension

To give a bit of back ground on cases like this, base narrow in the hind legs is a conformation that causes a horse to stand closer at the hooves than at the origin of the legs at the hips.  Often times a heavy muscled horse will suffer from this disability.

Having base narrow hind legs cause hooves to wing in, so the horse is more likely to interfere.  A horse with this type of confirmation can't develop speed for rapid acceleration.  The horse would also suffer from excessive stress and pressure on the outside of the hocks, fetlocks and hooves.  This can lead to degenerative joint disease, ligament strain, hoof bruising and quarter cracks, therefore, it must be remedied.  

In the case we have here, the horse had base narrow confirmation in the hind legs.  We applied Super Fast to create a lateral extension, which helped align the hocks.

Super Fast is a Vettec product that works as an adhesive and is often used to create a custom shoe on an unshod foot.  It can also be used to create foal cuffs, repair small hoof cracks and hold together thin or brittle hoofwalls.  In this case, it worked to build the lateral side of the hoofwall so that the hocks were aligned. Super Fast wears like hoofwall and can bond to itself, so you can reapply it as it wears.  It is an amazing polyurethane that sets in 30 seconds, has no offensive odor and has helped horses for over 12 years.  If you have never used it, read up on it on Vettec's website, or give the office a call.  We'd be happy to answer any questions.  800-483-8832

Thank y'all for your time and we will see y'all next time.