May 28, 2014

Vettec Solution for Founder on Barefoot

Pat Burton, CJF, has come up with a great new way of handling founder cases. Pat first creates a Super Fast shoe and then pours the sole with Sole-Guard to create a pad.

To prepare the foot, Pat trims the sole and makes sure to clean it of any dirt or debris.  After the trim, Pat dries the foot with a heat gun or hair blow dryer.  Once the foot is dry, he applies SuperFast to create a custom shoe.  He then applies the Sole-Guard to the sole for an instant pad.

Pat has found that by spreading the weight over the whole foot and not just the wall and frog, he is having better luck recouping horses in a shorter time than nailing shoes on.

Below is a great video showing how to create a custom shoe with a pad material for the sole.