May 13, 2019

Vettec Farriers Don’t Horse Around

Esco Buff Ph.D. uses Vettec products in his hoof care practice.

Farriers rely on specialized tools and adhesives to keep horses’ hooves in healthy condition and treat them when there is an issue. With quality tools and pour-in pad materials on-hand, farriers can fit shoes and trim hooves at any time to keep horses comfortable and avoid injury.

As the equine industry continues to grow and farriers can choose from a plethora of hoof care products and companies, Esco Buff, renown Accredited Professional Farrier™ with Foundation Credential (APF-I), uses Vettec.

Esco, Ph.D., chooses Vettec products, above all others, based on more than just price point. As a lameness specialist, the 45-year hoof care professional relies on products like Equi-Pak and Sole Guard to aid his farrier business. Vettec adhesives and pour-in pads aid Esco in his dedication to provide sound horses with healthy functioning feet. 

“Vettec’s commitment to education and the farrier industry, along with the friendly and respectful customer service make their product an important part of my farrier business,” says Esco.

Vettec produces a number of instant hoof pad materials to promote heel and sole growth, eliminate thrush, protect and support the equine foot and prevent stone bruising. The wide variety of consistent and reliable hoof pad materials allow Esco to select the proper material depending on a horse’s hoof.

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