February 21, 2015

Vettec Adhesive Helps a Turtle Heal

We are always interested in scenarios where Vettec products are used for repairing something other than hooves.  Recently we received the following interesting story from a turtle rehabilitation organization

The turtle pictured was run over by a car. Her carapace (top shell) was fractured with soft tissue damage underneath.  After administering pain medication I cleaned the carapace around the fracture and glued the post to it using your glue. The posts are used in the automotive industry, but work great for turtle repair.

After the glue set I ran zip ties through the posts (that is what they are made for) and I used a gun (made for that purpose) to carefully tighten the zip ties. That way the fracture is immobilized and provides the opportunity to heal with the aid of further pain meds and antibiotics.

See more about this turtle and other turtles that have been rehabilitated by the Hobbitstee Turtle Rehabilitation Project below. 

*Please keep in mind that this type of application should be administered by a professional only.  Do not attempt on your own.