December 11, 2012

Trimming Horse's Heels doesn't really change angles

Hey All,

I thought I'd share some info with you on trimming heels and angles.  As the title says, trimming doesn't really change the angles all that much.  This is just good information for you to learn. 

This was a cadaver I picked up to show that trimming the heels back does not really change angles.  

The series of photos illustrates my point.

Thanks for your time, I hope this helped you understand a bit about trimming and angles.

The first picture shows the shod foot.  The next picture is the same foot after removing the shoe.
In picture 3, you will see that the first line in the middle of the foot is center of rotation. This is just a marker that we can measure from. The second line is where the last point of weight was before the trim. The third line is what chipped off while trimming. The Red line is last point off weight bearing after the heels are trimmed to the proper place.  Picture 4 shows the same lines that are under the foot drawn up onto the hoofwall.  After the trim you can see from the lateral view how the heels move under the leg as opposed to under the foot.
In the 5th picture, you can see that the right side is where the foot started out under run with a shoe that was too small for the foot. The left side is the way the foot should be trimmed and the shoe should be applied with length and expansion.  The final pictures is showing how the heels are moved back into the leg. They are still forward from where they should be I would like to see them in the center of the cannon bone.