December 18, 2012

Treatment for a Yearling With a Broken Coffin Bone

Fractures in developing bones are not uncommon when it comes to horses.  Coffin bone fractures in horses under the age of 2 heal more easily than fractures in older horses.   This is due, in part, to the fact that a foal's bones are soft and do not mature until 2-3 years of age.  However, even though they heal faster, it does not mean that a fractured coffin bone in a yearling is painless or healthy.  There are different categories in the coffin bone, none of them are easy to treat. 

I recently worked on a yearling with a coffin bone fracture.  I wanted to stabilize the foot, while providing comfort and support allowing time for the foot to heal.  Nails were not an option in this case, so I decided a glue on shoe would be best. I cut the shoe out and drilled holes in it so that I could apply Super Fast to it and the material would flow through the holes and lock on to the shoe. I used Vettec's adhesive spacers on the shoe before I applied the material.  This is done so that once the shoe was on and the foot was dropped, the material wouldn't squeeze out of the sides of the shoe due to pressure.  SuperFast and Adhere need to be at least 1/8" thick to cure properly and the spacers make sure that at least that much material remains in place. The spacers should be set so that they stick out over the edges of the shoe, you want them sitting on the hoof wall only, not the sole.  

Once the material between the shoe and the foot cured, I set the foot down and ran a bead of SuperFast around the outside edge of the hoof wall to keep the shoe in place for a longer amount of time.  This package keeps dirt and debris from getting into the sole and stabilizes the foot, allowing the healing process to begin and continue uninterrupted. 

Gluing the shoe on the yearling's foot. After the SuperFast sets, I applied a bead around the side edge to stabilize the shoe.


This baby was able to heal quite nicely. I hope you enjoyed this case study.

Thank Y'all for your time.