September 23, 2013

Short Trimmed Draft Foot Rebuilt with Adhere

This big guy was trimmed short to relieve the stress to the wall which had held a persistent toe crack.  Unfortunately the trimmer took all the hoof support and the horse ended up lame due to walking on his sole alone.  A farrier and vet teamed up with Vettec's Larkin Greene to rebuild the wall support with black Adhere and to stabilize the crack near the ground without covering up the deeper portion above.  The follow up may include total debridement and repair, but this time they just wanted to hold it together to allow some hoof wall to grow out.  Once the foot was rebuilt and reinforced, a shoe was nailed on and an EquiPak pour-in pad was added to give this 1500lb draft horse total support.  He's now walking around with confidence and comfort.