September 25, 2015

Managing Acute and Chronic Lameness with Pour-in Pads

Sheared heels are often caused by an imbalance of the hoof capsule or uneven distribution. In extreme cases the entire heel area may contract. Due to incorrect weight bearing and distribution, heels are sheered, which results in one heel being pushed upwards making the frog narrower. Sheared heels cause stress on tendons and ligaments as well as the bony column. To correct or manage sheared heels the hoof needs to be balanced by trimming the heels (at times the side pushed upwards needs more trimming).

To facilitate proper growth of the hoof wall lamiae, a pour in pad may be applied for sole support to share the weight load with the hoof wall. The double pad shown here consists of Equi-Pak CS and Equi-Build. Equi-Pak CS is applied in the front half of the foot to protect and comfort the sole. Equi-Build can be applied in the back half of the foot to ground level to support the heels and bulbs. Because Equi-Build is a firm pad, it helps stabilize the heels and supports the frog to increase foot functions, and distributes the horse’s weight evenly across the entire hoof-bottom allowing the heel to grow.

Having Equi-Build in contact with the frog will help to “spread” the contracted heels.  When applied for two shoeing cycles, this package should allow for proper heel growth and help to achieve soundness.   After these applications, positive changes will be visible in the shearing as well as the contraction of the heels.

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