June 01, 2018

Keep Milk Production Booming – Protect Dairy Cows’ Hooves!

Lameness in dairy cows is a prevalent and costly issue. In fact, according to Manitoba, the financial burden per 100 cows averages almost $11,000. When cows become lame and go untreated, they do not produce as much milk. Worse, the condition can escalate to the point where cows can’t walk, stopping milk production altogether.

To prevent lameness, it’s important to consider the potential causes. Dairy cows can develop a variety of infections or conditions in their claws. Some include:

  • white line disease
  • ulcers
  • abscesses
  • fractures
  • thin soles
  • injuries

In order to treat a cow properly, dairy farmers should consider what caused the lameness. Employing proper trimming techniques also helps sustain hoof health and avoid downtime. It’s important for hoof care professionals to check and trim cows’ claws regularly.

Regardless of the injury or condition, blocking can help keep production moving. This is because a block elevates an injured claw off the ground, which promotes quicker recovery and alleviates pain. When cows are comfortable, they help maintain milk production and keep business booming.

To learn more about Vettec blocks for cows, visit https://www.vettec.com/en-us/bovine.

Have you talked to your hoof care professional about blocking? With the right tools and good communication, your hoof care professional can help ensure comfort and maintain productivity in your herd.