March 21, 2014

How dry should the foot be for Vettec products?

Because Vettec products will bond to anything, even moisture, it is critical that moisture levels in the hoof be regulated before application.  Since we first introduced our line of adhesive materials, we have instructed that before applying Vettec materials, you must dry the hoof thoroughly.  All hooves contain natural moisture and must be dried for the product to achieve the appropriate bond to the sole. Notice the moisture ring in the top picture to the right, this is the natural moisture that a hoof produces, even if it appears dry.  So how do you know if the hoof is dry enough for optimal bonding?  We decided to do a little experimenting with a Digital Moisture Meter to find out. A digital moisture meter, pictured in the lower right photo, is a small tool that you can find at most hardware stores.  The meter offers accurate moisture level readings for wood, plaster, concrete, drywall and as we discovered, hooves!  

We found that between 5-7% was the optimal moisture level for ideal adhesion, however, anything less than 10% works well.  To test the moisture level in the hoof, simply turn the meter on and place the prongs on the sole.  In moments you will get an accurate assessment.  If the level is over 10%, continue to use a heat gun or hair blow dryer to dry the hoof.  If you do not have a moisture meter, check to see that there is no moisture ring when the foot is put down.  If there is not a moisture ring on the ground, the foot should be dry enough.