January 22, 2013

How does the weather affect Vettec products?

Often times Vettec users are not aware that the temperature outside, and the temperature of the Vettec products make a difference!  Our materials are two part poly-urethanes and when they are mixed together, they form a chemical reaction which causes them to heat up and ultimately set.  If the material is too hot or too cold, it will not perform as intended.  We thought it would be helpful to offer some tips on how to make the most of your Vettec products when the weather out there isn't perfect. 

Vettec products are best used between 65° and 85° F (18° to 29° C). Temperature will affect the set time.

  • COLD CONDITIONS (Below 65° F)
  • Failure to keep the hooves, shoes, and product warm will dramatically slow the cure time. Example: At 32° F the cure time advances to 1-2 minutes.
  • Do not microwave the cartridge or place it in water. Store the cartridges in an insulated “cooler” warmed with microwavable heat pads or 1 to 2 tightly capped gallon jugs filled with hot water.
  • In freezing temperatures, 32° F or less, the shoes must be warmed to keep condensation from forming on them and preventing the bond.


  • Product will set very quickly. To slow the set time, if needed store the material in an insulated cooler with 1 or 2 freezer packs.
  • NOTE: During hot weather conditions, product may cure at a higher temperature. If applying close to sensitive tissue, product may be applied in layers to reduce heat.