July 25, 2013

Horses Competing at the World Champion for Icelandic Horses use Vettec!

I thought you all might enjoy this message that was sent from a good friend of mine: 

Hello Tab. It was good as always talking too you at the summit in Cincinnati. I was wondering if you guys know that the World Champion for Icelandic Horses are starting the 6th of August in Berlin and that the majority off the horses competing, will have Vettec products in their feet to make them perform better. I thought I'd just let you know that it the most used packing material. It is used for competing with Icelandic horses.  2 out 3 horses that I shoe are going to compete with Vettec products.   Here is a photo of  my daughter, Sofie and her horse Hreinn, on their way to World Champion with help from Equi-Pak.

Hope every things are good with you. And Hope too see you in Cincinnati.

-  Torben Jensen