July 29, 2015

Heart Bar Pad with Equi-Pak CS

This Paint horse had been suffering under run heels for a few months; the heels had moved forward long enough to result in a negative palmar angle to the coffin bone (P3), and the horse was beginning to bear weight on the bulbs.  The farrier and vet team decided on a shoe package with a Myron McLane frog support pad to temporarily shift some of the load to the frog in order to provide some added support for the bone column, and relieve the stressed hoof wall.

To keep debris from making its way under the pad, especially around the frog, Equi-Pak CS was used to block any gaps, and provide protection for the sole.  An easy way to get an even fill is to trace and cut blue foam board pieces to fit the open space around the frog plate.  A couple tablespoons of Equi-Pak CS is flowed into the area, then the foam board is placed over it and pressed gently to spread the material and push it into every gap, while leaving a thin protective pad to protect the sole while the horse is in his rock strewn paddock.

The Myron McLane pad has been around for many years and has proven to be a valuable device for supporting a compromised hoof until it has a chance to improve.  One of the key aspects to this package is the added support in the heels, provided by the shoe extending out to support the bulbs.  Many owners get concerned about shoe hanging out the back, but this is the best way to get proper weight bearing back in plumb with the limb.  Anything less just makes the recovery take longer.  The vet followed up with X-rays to verify the position of P3 was at a positive angle, which it was.  We hope to provide the X-rays soon.