June 14, 2012

"Equi-Pak transformed my horses' feet! Thank you Vettec."

 I have to thank you!  Equi-Pak has transformed my horses’ feet!! He has gone from a flat footed, broken back angled very sad looking horse to almost normal shaped hooves.  He now has heels!!!  We took the most recent pack out of his back feet and the cleft of frog is now noticeably deeper, his feet are symmetrical and his frogs are at the right level – they had prolapsed to below the level of his shoe.  Now the rasp does not come into contact with it if you lay it over the heels.  We now use the frog fill technique to keep the support on the frog, his soles have improved so much as have the hoof walls.  Every time my farrier comes to do his feet she can’t believe the improvement from one shoeing to the next!  You can also see how the angle has improved by the new growth of the hoof, his very obvious bull nose is almost gone completely and his usual medial flares are so minor compared to what they were like before.  We are religious about doing his feet every 5 weeks – or less if I have a show on or there is a weekend in the way – I would rather do them early than late!

I am going to send you my photos when I put them into sequence – we have taken photos at every shoeing!