January 17, 2013

Equi-Build - A Case Study That Shows How Great it Works

Equi-Build is a great material that is often overlooked when it comes to instant pad materials.  Equi-Build is a firm pad vs. Equi-Pak, which is a soft pad.  Typically, most horses, no matter their hoof condition, can tolerate having Equi-Pak in their sole, but not all horses can handle having a firmer pad material.  Therefore, it is a "safe" bet to use Equi-Pak vs. Equi-Build in many people's minds.   Equi-Build also has a longer set time than our other pad materials, so holding the foot up to allow the material to cure is a harder job than it is if Equi-Pak is used.

But Equi-Build shouldn't always be overlooked!  There are many cases where it could be the best product for the horse.  Equi-Build distributes the weight across the entire hoof-bottom to grow heel, hoof wall and sole.  As I mentioned, it is a firm pad, so there is less wear on the shoes which allows multiple resets.  It also helps to stabilize shoes, eliminating enlargement of nail holes.  

I recently worked on a 18 hand horse that had a very sore foot.  The left front foot had very little wall in the toe and the sides of the hoof wall.  The horse was sore even while walking in the sand.  He needed a strong, durable, support package and we chose to use Equi-Build.  I nailed a shoe on, cleaned up the sole and dried it with a heat gun.  Then I applied a foam board to the bottom of the shoe and let the horse stand on it to secure the board to the bottom of the shoe.  Then I picked the foot up and inserted my mix tip under the foam board to the toe of the foot and started to dispense Equi-Build.  We stalled the horse for about an hour to allow the Equi-Build to fully cure and become very durable. 

We continued this package and after 10 weeks we saw a noticeable improvement.  There was so much wall growth and the sole had really came back nicely.  We continued applying the package for the next 11 months and in the end we had a beautiful, healthy hoof!  

The same horse after 10 weeks of shoeing with Equi-Build pads. This shows the foot after 12 months of shoeing with Equi-Build Pads.

Next time you aren't sure which Vettec product to use, feel free to get a hold of me. I'd be happy to help!  email me at: info@vettec.com or give me a holler at: 800-483-8832.

Below is an application video for Equi-Build and some of its features and benefits.  I hope this information is helpful for you.
Thank Y'all for your time!


Distribute the weight across the entire hoof-bottom to grow heel, hoof wall and sole.

  • For use as pad/packing material
  • Adheres to the sole, sealing out moisture and debris
  • Stops heels from contracting
  • Allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth
  • Takes pressure off wall cracks
  • Can be used very successfully on foundered and laminitic cases
  • Less wear on shoes allowing multiple resets
  • Stabilizes shoes, no enlargement of nail holes
  • Self-leveling liquid is brought flush to the ground