January 22, 2016

Cold Weather and Equi-Pak

As the temperatures drop many wonder about using Equi-Pak in cold weather and if cooler weather affects the longevity of the product.  Outside temperature typically are not an issue and do not affect the longevity of the product.  However, there are a few tips you should follow to certify success.

First ensure that the product itself is in between 65-85 degrees (room temperature) when you use it. If you need to warm the product up, do so slowly, so that you do not overheat the material or the plastic cartridge.  To effectively warm your material you can place the cartridge on the floorboard of your truck and turn the defrost on.  Another option is to put the cartridge into a bucket of warm water (if you choose this method make sure the cartridge is sealed and in the bag).  One more technique is to keep your materials in a small cooler with a heat pad.  

Second use a heat gun or hair blow dryer.  These are very beneficial tools when using pour-in pads and have a double purpose in winter months.  The heat gun / hair dryer is used to dry the foot before you apply the product and also to warm the foot.  Note that even if the material is at room temperature, but the foot is frozen, set times will be longer than normal.

Happy shoeing, and stay warm out there.