October 16, 2015

Can Vettec Products be Used With Boots?

Several Vettec products can be used in conjunction with boots.  Vettec pad materials can be used to provide comfort and support along with boots which provide protection.  

When comfort and support are required with a boot, Equi-Pak or Equi-Pak Soft can be used to line or fill the boot. 

To apply this type of package, you would need to clean the foot of any dirt or debris and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly over the sole and the frog.  You would then hold the foot level and fill it with the pad material of your choice.  The material should be filled to the edge of the white line. Then you would hold the foot up while the pad material sets (approximately 30-40 seconds).  By applying petroleum jelly you ensure that the product does not bond to the sole so that you create a removable insert that will cushion the foot while the boot is on and can be removed when the boot is taken off.

Another way to use pad materials with a boot is to drill two holes into the boot before applying it to the foot (drill one hole on each side of the frog).  When you fit the boot, pick up the foot, insert the mix tip into each hole and fill the void.  This will package is designed to last until the boot is removed.