May 26, 2019

Bovi-Bond is Available on Amazon!

At Vettec, we believe that growth is essential to provide innovative, effective products customers use to keep their animals healthy. Recently we announced a new online sales initiative to give you more access to our bovine products. Now, with one click, trimmers can purchase Vettec bovine products, including adhesives, blocks, dispensing guns and consumable accessories, directly on The Vettec Amazon store is live here.

We know that trimmers spend a lot of time on the road, and Vettec’s hope is that this channel is convenient and allows you to spend more time doing your job. As an appreciation for your work, we are offering a coupon for 10% off orders placed through July 10, 2019. Redeem your coupon at checkout when you add Bovi-Bond to your cart.  Click here for more details. Customers that subscribe to Amazon Prime service will receive free, two-day shipping. Check back often or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with future offers. 

Below is a complete list of products available on Amazon. We look forward to serving you and the animals you care for! 


Amazon Products

  • Bovi-BondTM Adhesive – 160cc and 50cc cartridges
  • Mix Tips – Large and Small
  • Rubber Blocks
  • Thin Rubber Blocks
  • XL Blocks
  • Wood Blocks
  • Cartridge Caps
  • Standard Dispensing Gun
  • Large Dispensing Gun
  • ULTRA Automatic Dispensing Gun
  • 50cc Dispensing Gun