March 25, 2013

2MT - Tech Question - How to combat thrush in a wet environment


Recently I had a technical question about what to do with thrush in a wet environment.  I thought I'd share my answer with y'all! I hope it's helpful to you. 

Q : I live in  the Eastern part of Washington State and it is wet here; thrush is a problem. My horse gets thrush under his shoes in the white line area. My farrier always cleans his foot, puts "Thrush Buster" and oakum under the shoe, or puts copper sulfate liquid under the shoe.  I try to pour copper sulfate around his shoes between shoeing, but I can never seem to get rid of it...Any suggestions?


A:  When the white line is affected, that can be a problem. Putting things in under the shoe is not going to do much good if the environment is not controlled. I have done this in the past but I'm not making any promises here. You can dig out as much of the infection as possible, sprinkle copper sulfate in the void and cover it with a thin layer of Super Fast. It does not need to be real thick just enough to set up. 

Then you can nail the shoe on. This will hold the copper sulfate in place until the moisture in the foot breaks it down and it can leach out into the wall.  In the mean time, you should be sure you are not dealing with WLD instead of thrush.  Below are two videos, the one on the top talks about thrush and the one underneath that talks about white line disease. I hope this helps you to distinguish the issue you are dealing with. 

- Tab Pigg